Komatineni family

Virtual meet up home for komatineni family members

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Komatineni kutumba sabhulaki swagatam, suswagatam. 

I just registered the domain with the only purpose of connecting & uniting all the Komatineni family members as well as those linked with Komatineni family.

Any help is really appreciated as I am pretty tight with the family-work life. Yet I'd like to keep a target date of July 2008 to fully develop this website with tools and content that meets the objective. 

ToDo's list

  • Get the pictures of Komatineni family members
  • Create a e-mail with komatineni.com extention and encourage using the mail domain
  • Have a chat box or wiki styled forum for free ideas transfer as well as get to know each other
  • Probably individual family tree's with history
  • Any ideas/suggestions to make it more live are welcome 

I really enjoy connecting with people around the world. If you need any info about this web site please drop me a mail.


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